Overton: Temporary Road Closure Lancaster Road 12th Feb - 14th Feb 2024

Lancaster Road, Overton


January 2024

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LCC road closure notice Overton PC Feb 24.jpg

Please find the original Notice available to download in Additional Documents 

Report all Highways issues to us via the Love Clean Streets app


January 2024

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Love Clean Streets mobile app

You can report all highways issues to us via the Love Clean Streets app.

If you spot a problem on the highway, you can report it on the go via Lancashire County Council's mobile app. Issues with potholes, a faulty streetlight, blocked drain, cracked pavement, gritting, weeds, trees, plus much more, can be logged easily and in seconds via the Love Clean Streets mobile app.

How it works

It’s simple to use and your issue can be logged in seconds.

The reports will come to our highways team in the usual way, but you will be able to report issues on your mobile whilst out and about.

Attaching a photo to your report will help our inspectors to assess the work quickly.

You will also be able to keep up to date on the progress of your report via the app.

*Please note that any reports you make via the app, will not be visible on our Report It website

The app is free to download.

Highways emergencies such as:

Missing manhole cover, diesel, oil or mud spillage, flooding more than half-way across a road, or a dangerous tree can be reported to our highways team on 0300 123 6780 24 hrs a day.

All non-emergency highways issues can be reported via the Love Clean Streets app and website.

Visit: https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/.../report-it-on-the-go/

To Report Gritting (winter service) Request a refill, repair or new grit bin: https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/report-it/gritting/

The quickest and easiest way to request a refill, repair or new grit bin is via the Love Clean Streets mobile app.

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Overton Christmas Tree Lights Switch On

Blue Potts, Overton Parish Council


November 2023

Overton Parish Council invites everyone to the switching on of this year's Christmas Tree Lights.

Overton’s Christmas Tree Light Switch On - Outside the Scout Hut.

The Scout Group will be serving Refreshments from 6.30pm & Singing Carols. TEA / COFFEE - HOT CHOCOLATE + MINCE PIE £1.00; HOT DRINK ONLY 50p; MINCE PIE ONLY 50p.

1st Overton Group Scouts

New Speed Sign Locations - Overton Parish Residents Letter

Overton Parish


October 2023

                                                   OVERTON PARISH COUNCIL

Clerk to the Council

Mrs Christine M Mashiter                                                      Woodburn Farm House

Telephone 07437 830438                                                      52, Low Road,

overtonparishcouncil@gmail.com                                         Middleton, Morecambe

www.overtonpc.co.uk / Contact us page                                LA3 3LG

18th October 2023

Dear Residents

The parish Council does take seriously the amount of speeding traffic within the village and in an attempt to slow down this traffic, The parish Council is looking to place two new speed device locations on Lancaster Road. One adjacent to the play park, on the edge of the grass verge, the other between No 82 Lancaster Road and Pear Tree Cottage.

These signs will have the ability to record the number of speeding vehicles travelling on Lancaster Road and with sufficient evidence the police will be able to take action. The signs will be similar to those you have probably seen in other areas, they will flash up the speed being travelled together with a written warning.

In addition to this, two more lighting columns have been selected for speed devices. No 3, on the edge of the Ship Car Park beside number 7 Main Street, the other on No 10 on Chapel Lane. The previously used lighting column, No 9 on Lancaster Road no longer meets the criteria laid down by the Highways Department of the County Council and the suggested alternative is that of No 8.

If you have any objections to these actions or constructive criticism, please write to the Clerk to The parish Council at the address given above, E mails are also acceptable, before Friday November 3rd 2023, at which time the matter will be progressed.

Yours sincerely

Christine Mashiter

Clerk to The Parish Council

A downloadable copy of this letter is available below

Overton School Parking Issues

Overton St. Helen's School


October 2023


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School Parking Issues [#165503421]

Over the last few months PC 3125 Nelson and myself have been regularly checking Overton St Helen's School regarding parking issues both before and after school, this is very apparent due to complaints both from the school and parish council.

It has now come to our attention that this is prevalent issue at other Primary schools in the area, so over the next few months we will be monitoring and regularly checking all the Primary Schools in Heysham.

A warning will be given in the first instance, then if required a Fixed Penalty Ticket will be issued.

Message Sent By
John Jackson
(Police, PCSO, Morecambe )

Should anyone wish to sign up to receive information direct please see below:

In The Know - Lancashire

In The Know 'Find out what's really happening in your area - receive regular crime updates, information on road closures, information about fires and other emergencies and learn about what your local neighbourhood policing team is doing.

In The Know is the free messaging service brought to you by Lancashire Police supported by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and Lancashire County Council where you decide when and how you are kept informed about the issues that matter to you'. https://www.stayintheknow.co.uk/

Causeway Tidal Warning Signage Replacement

Sunderland Point Causeway


August 2023

Overton Parish Council have now replaced the damaged Tidal Warning Signage at the Sunderland Point end of the Causeway:

Sunderland Point Causeway Signage 2 7.23.jpg

Sunderland Point Causeway Signage 1 7.23.jpg

Along with an extra sign installed near the Lifebuoy, by Overton Parish Council Chairman Jonathan Higginson:

SP NewSignAug2023.jpg

LCC Latest Bin Collection Dates



August 2023

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bin collection 23-24 LCC a.png

Find a collection pertaining to your Postcode:


Should anyone like a (Wheelie) Bin Sticker please contact Overton Parish Council using our Contact us details.

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Heat-Health Alert: info, advice..

Overton Parish


June 2023

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Heat-health alert issued for the #NorthWest. The Met Office are also predicting thunderstorms. Follow Met Office for weather warnings and updates bit.ly/WxWarning or see tips to stay cool in the heat: https://lancashire.gov.uk/.../how-to-keep-cool-this-summer/

UK Health Security Agency: https://www.facebook.com/UKHealthSecurityAgency - In this hot weather, don’t forget to look out for anyone close to you who might struggle in the heat. Please check our list of people at higher risk, along with advice, help and tips: https://www.gov.uk/.../beat-the-heat-staying-safe-in-hot...

Sunderland Point Causeway - Advance Notice: Road Cleaning & Repairs

Sunderland Point Causeway


May 2023

(first published 27/04/2023)

The following information has been received from Sunderland Point Community Association: 

Advance notice: Road Cleaning and Repairs

Over the coming months, the Highways and Transport Department of the Lancashire County Council will be clearing the mud, vegetation, and other spoil from surface of the causeway. We are grateful to Sunderland Brows Farm who will be taking this debris from the road.

At the same time, they will be clearing drainage channels, repairing pot holes, replacing reflectors, improving the passing places and other essential repairs.

This will be conducted in stages with the first taking place between the 25th and the 31st of May starting at the Overton end of the road. Advance warning signs will be put in place advising the closure of the road during this period for non-essential traffic.

This is going to cause disruption for residents and those performing essential services on the Point. I ask for your forbearance during this period as you have on past occasions when road cleaning has taken place.

Should there be any significant issues please contact myself.

Bill Morris

Chair of the Sunderland Point Community Association

Overton Memorial Hall Coronation Picnic

Overton & District Memorial Hall, LA33HB


May 2023

Please email Overton Memorial Hall memorialhalloverton@gmail.com to reserve places.

Information about Overton & District Memorial Hall can be found on their Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Overtonmemorialhall 

Rural Cost of Living Household Survey


February 2023

The Rural Services Network in partnership with the Citizens Advice is running a Rural Cost of Living Household Survey.

We are thrilled with the 3,000 responses we have had so far but we would like more and are hoping you can help!

Rural Services Network


Please see Additional Documents for Survey Poster and further details

LCC - Cost of Living Crisis information

Lancaster City Council


January 2023

If the rise in the cost of living is starting to bite, you may find a visit to our one-stop-shop of information useful.

Visit www.lancaster.gov.uk/cost-of-living for:

Information and advice to help your household stay warm and save money (includes the Locations of ‘warm banks’ in the district).

Food bank, food clubs and help with essentials

Financial and housing support available

Mental health and support on offer for anyone struggling at this time

There are also links to other supporting organisations for advice and practical assistance for residents and businesses. We'll be updating this web page regularly as more useful information comes in.

Overton Christmas Tree Lights Switch On

Blue Potts, Overton Parish Council


November 2022

Pedder Road Area - Surface Water Drainage update

Pedder Road area


November 2022

Overton Parish Council has received the email below from Lancashire County Council Highways:

"Thank you for your email of 17 November 2022 on behalf of the parish council about the concerns raised regarding the flooding on Pedder Road following the resurfacing of its carriageway.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused in this matter and appreciate how frustrating this must be for residents.

Following your comments we have visited Pedder Road to investigate further, and agree that remedial works are required to reshape sections of the carriageway. We have arranged for our sub-contractor who undertook the original works, to return week commencing 5 December 2022 to carry out the appropriate works which should prevent any further incidents of water pooling on the road.

The works will be carried out using traffic management, access will be maintained to properties and there should be no need to close the road. I apologise for any disruption to residents during these works."

Temporary Road Closure Main Street, Overton 28.11.22 - 30.11.22

Main Street, Overton


November 2022

Overton Parish Council received the attached documents from Lancashire County Council Highways:

"Please find attached a copy of the signed temporary road closure on Main Street, Overton on Monday 28th November 2022, until Wednesday 30th November 2022 for water connection works to take place.

You can also find details of any other planned works via our Highways Bulletin website which links to all planned works in Lancashire.

Please click on the attached link and select the area that you are interested in.

https://www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/roads/roadworks-and-traffic-regulation-orders/temporary/  "

LCC Dog Wardens answer Parish residents' questions

Overton Parish Council


November 2022

Overton Parish Council has now received answers to the questions submitted by residents to Lancaster City Council Dog Wardens. Below is the email response we received.

I have tried to answer the questions below, but as a general rule, our objective is to work with the owners of licensed establishments to ensure standards are maintained. Where problems are identified, they will be investigated and hopefully improved.

Where our investigations identify serious failings, or if a licence holder fails to work with our officers to comply with the licensing requirements, then enforcement action will be taken.

If residents have problems with licensed establishments, then I would encourage them to report the issues so that they can be investigated.

Why is it that noise/neighbours are not taken into consideration/consulted when approving a breeding licence?


When issuing a licence to a breeder, what consideration is given to potential noise from kennels? Is Planning consulted? Is planning permission required for external kennelling? How do we, as residents, know how many dogs will be involved in the business?


What checks take place regarding a planning/conservation when a licence is requested on a property that sits in a conservation area?

Potential noise and neighbourhood issues would be considered at the planning stage, and if a kennel was operating without proper planning permission, action would fall under planning legislation.

Animal Licensing Regulations do not take into consideration whether the premises has planning permission, so no consultation with local residents is required and a licence could not be refused on these grounds.

The number of dogs involved in the business will be detailed on the licence. There are space and staff ratio requirements to control numbers, so a kennel would be investigated if it was operating outside its licensing requirements .

Any problems with noise or nuisance can be reported to Environmental Health and will be investigated. Noise and nuisance complaints may also be indicators of animal welfare issues so this would also be investigated.

Is it possible for one person to operate a licence with over 40 dogs and obtain a 5-star rating on their licence when government guidelines show a 1 in 10 ratio for 5-stars.

There are requirements on the ratio of staff to dogs. A 5 star licence would not be issued to an establishment operated by 1 person with over 40 dogs. If such a complaint was received about a licenced property operating that way it would be investigated accordingly and there would also be the risk of having a licence revoked, or star rating reduced.

If someone was to be convicted of noise nuisance from dogs in a court of law, would you consider removing the licence or not renew after expiry?

As part of the fit and proper person test, any previous convictions would be considered when issuing a licence. A conviction for noise nuisance may also raise concerns about animal welfare so the premises would be investigated accordingly. The facts of each individual case would have to be considered.

If someone was to have their breeding licence removed, what does that mean in real world terms?

Revocation of a licence is rare and only done in serious cases. Revocations are decided by Committee, and there is an independent right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal. If a person has their licence removed / revoked it means they can no longer operate that licensable activity legally.

Can we obtain a copy of the breeding licence application/score sheet/marking paper?

Animal Activities Licensing - Lancaster City Council

Copies of application forms and conditions are available on the Council’s website.

What information can be provided regarding danger to human/animal health from dog fouling? How do we report owners not cleaning up?

Dog fouling - Lancaster City Council

Information can be found on the Lancaster City Council website.

Following a recent vicious dog attack in Lancaster, and the concerns raised on social media regarding lack of response from the dog warden, what actions should be taken if a similar occurrence happened in our village?

Police deal with dog on person attacks and the Dog Wardens deal with dog on dog attacks, these should be reported todogwardens@lancaster.gov.uk or 01524 582935 as soon as possible.

Dog on dog attacks will be investigated and action taken according to the evidence. Unfortunately reports on social media don’t always reflect what has actually happened.

Overton Parish pays tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Overton Parish Council


September 2022

Our Union Flag at Blue Potts has been lowered to half mast and will remain so until the national proclamation of the new King. It will be lowered again on Sunday.


Slow Down, Save Lives stickers

Overton Parish Council


August 2022

Lancashire County Council has kindly fulfilled our request to provide Overton Parish Council with their Road Safety Pack.

This has given opportunity for Overton Parish to use the (Wheelie) Bin Stickers. Should anyone like some of these please contact us via our Contact us page.

pc speed awareness sticker a.jpeg

New Wheelie Bin Collection Calendar



August 2022

Lancaster City Council logo.png

LCCCalendar Aug22a.jpg

Bin collection dates

Find a collection pertaining to your Postcode:


Should anyone like a (Wheelie) Bin Sticker please contact Overton Parish Council using our Contact us details.

pc speed awareness sticker a.jpeg 

LCC Report Highway Faults To Us On The Go


June 2022

Report It Social media_web_300x250px.jpg

You can find out more information, including how to download the app at:

Report It on the go with Love Clean Streets

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Beacon Lighting

Hall Greaves Summit, Overton @ 9.45pm


June 2022

Overton Events for The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Overton: 27th May, 2nd - 5th June 2022


May 2022

Litter picking



September 2021

This weeks litter picking map.

Village Litter picking



August 2021

This weeks village litter pick

Village litter pick



August 2021

This weeks litter picking route

Litter picking


April 2021

This weeks village litter picking map.

Covid 19 roadmap


April 2021

Covid 19 emergency meeting

Virtual via Skype


April 2021

Volunteer Litter Picking



April 2021

Keeping Overton Litter Free 

"Ken" Webber is still looking for volunteers as part of the Green Team Litter Picking Group. 

If you would like to take responsibility for an area near where you live and / or join Ken for "bigger" litter picks (for example Bazil Point, Trailholme embankment), 

please contact Ken on 07957 899559 or email; geoffreywebber1971@gmail.com

Community connectors- Bay proposal


November 2020

Hello Everyone,

At the end of this email is a link to a survey where residents, businesses and organisations can have their say on a proposal to create a new unitary authority around Morecambe Bay.

Last month the Government invited a small number of local government areas across England, including Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Somerset, to come up with proposals for new ways of supporting local communities, known as local government reorganisation (LGR) inviting submissions on ‘locally-led proposals for unitary government’ in those areas . This would replace the existing tiers of County and District councils with a single tier (or level) of local government. The Government has announced plans to introduce these new councils across England. The whole of Cumbria is in the first wave of these.

In response, Barrow, Lancaster and South Lakeland have submitted proposals for a new local authority, known as The Bay. We believe the Bay area is unique, with shared opportunities and challenges, and would be better served by a more local authority. The alternatives include a single council for the whole of Cumbria, proposed by Cumbria County Council. For Lancaster, Lancashire County Council has proposed merging with Ribble Valley, Wyre, Fylde and Blackpool.

In a joint statement, the leaders of the three district councils, Councillor Ann Thomson from Barrow Borough Council, Councillor Dr Erica Lewis from Lancaster City Council and Councillor Giles Archibald from South Lakeland District Council, said:

“We agreed to submit the outline proposal at Full Council meetings last week and now we are inviting people to have their say on the idea. The feedback from this engagement will form an important part of the more detailed final submission to Government, which we need to send in by 9 December. It is a short timeframe and conducting a consultation exercise during a pandemic lockdown is not ideal, especially as we are already extremely busy with the Civid-19 response, but we are working to the Government’s timetable.

We have set up an online survey, have commissioned independent polling and are inviting people to email or write in with their views and comments. It’s important that people have their say, whether they agree or disagree with the proposals, as any local government reorganisation will have significant implications for our communities and the way services are delivered. We need to understand people’s views and any concerns and challenges they believe the creation of a new unitary may bring. We firmly believe that the option of a Bay unitary, linking up our three councils, has the potential to deliver the best outcomes for our communities.

We shouldn’t be constrained by lines on a map. We should be looking to a solution that offers the most positive benefits for our communities, one that builds on existing relationships and connections, one that is ambitious and supports innovation and sustainable economic prosperity. We already share a postcode and a mutual history due to, either whole or in part, being within the boundary of the old county of Lancashire before the last major wave of local government reorganisation in 1974.

We also have a shared health footprint, a shared economic and social geography and shared ambitions around critical issues like meeting the climate emergency and tackling wealth and health inequalities. We already have a strong track record working together and our detailed submission will highlight the undoubted opportunities that even closer working between our three councils could deliver.”

We therefore invite you to take part in the survey. The link to the survey is here:https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JYMB9DH

You can also email or write your views:



In writing:

The Bay proposal

Lancaster City Council

Lancaster Town Hall,

Dalton Square

Lancaster LA1 1PJ

Yours sincerely,

Community Connectors.

Transforming Lancaster Travel



October 2020

Transforming Lancaster Travel

Bus Service Improvement Plan

Please find the information on bus services below:

Dear Parish Council

Bus Service Improvement Plans 2021

Lancashire County Council is working closely with bus operators to prepare for a major change in the way buses are funded and organised following the government's launch of The National Bus Strategy, Bus Back Better in March 2021.

The strategy sets out an ambitious vision to improve bus services in England, with a focus on councils and bus operators working more closely together, and alongside local communities, to create a network that reflects local people's priorities.

The first step is for councils and bus operators to create a Bus Service Improvement Plan, which will act as a vision for how we try to improve bus services in Lancashire over the next few years. This will then be used to help create an Enhanced Partnership Scheme with bus operators, which will set the standards for all bus services running in the county.

The timescale that we must fulfil is extremely tight and our first Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) must be published by the end of October 2021 Our Enhanced Partnership Scheme needs to be in place from April 22. These very tight timescales have been set by Government and failure to deliver on these will result in support funding for buses being withdrawn.

The BSIP should explain the current local situation. Provide information about passenger numbers, average fares, bus speeds, road congestion and other factors affecting public transport operations. It should detail information about local operators and how services are designed with local people in mind. How much funding does the LTA currently use to support services and what are the main barriers to bus usage and growth in the area?

BSIPs should then decide how Local Transport Authorities (LTAs) and operators propose to deliver the key goals of the Bus Strategy in the area, this includes;

  • More frequent bus services with better provision in evenings and weekends. They should be faster and more reliable, cheaper and easier to understand. There should be better integration with other modes and innovation.
  • There must be significant increases in bus priority, which means protected bus lanes and bus gates.
  • Bus stations should be protected from closure and redevelopment, be improved and well maintained and there should be staff available for customer care and information.
  • The local bus network should be presented as a single network with clear passenger information. There should be a strong network identity, bus stops should show accurate information, with real time where relevant, and timetable changes minimised.
  • Buses should also be accessible for all, so stopping facilities need to be upgraded and be Equalities Act compliant. There will be options to bid for the Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas Scheme with partners, to deliver more modern buses and decarbonisation.

It is intended that BSIP's will give passengers more of a voice so there is a requirement for a Passenger Charter, for the Enhanced Partnership, giving users rights to certain standards and mechanism for redress at a local level .

It is intended that BSIP's will require regular updates, as a living document, at least every 12 months.

As part of this, we wish to gather the views of Lancashire residents and other stakeholders and we are conducting a passenger engagement survey. We would be extremely grateful if you could take a few moments to complete the survey as it would help us understand your views on the current bus network and highlight your priorities for the future. The survey can be found here www.lancashire.gov.uk/roads-parking-and-travel/public-transport/

Thank you for your help and assistance in this. Should you require any further information or you would like to provide additional feedback then please contact the Public Transport Team at busservices@lancashire.gov.uk

Volunteer Development Coordinator Vacancy - Bay Volunteers


We would like to share with you a Job Description for a Volunteer Development Coordinator, which we have attached to this email.

The closing date for applications is Monday 4th October and you can email your CV and covering letter to:info@hopelancaster.co.uk

Please share this emailwith your friends, family & community.

Kind Regards

Community Connector Team

Carbon copy, download your carbon story

Good Afternoon,

The UK is soon to host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31st October – 12th November 2021.

Carbon Copy are gathering case studies from around the country and are looking for projects big or small, in pilot stage or fully implemented, worked on together with other people that have/are in the process of being implemented in your area.

In order for Carbon Copy to publish your Carbon Story online, please describe it by filling in the template attached to this email and return your completed form to: communityconnectors@lancaster.gov.uk. The closing dates for returning the form back to us is Thursday 28th October 2021.

Please note that Lancaster City Council will use any case studies submitted, to showcase local action.

We look forward to receiving your story.

Kind Regards

Community Connector Team