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18th October 2023

Dear Residents

The parish Council does take seriously the amount of speeding traffic within the village and in an attempt to slow down this traffic, The parish Council is looking to place two new speed device locations on Lancaster Road. One adjacent to the play park, on the edge of the grass verge, the other between No 82 Lancaster Road and Pear Tree Cottage.

These signs will have the ability to record the number of speeding vehicles travelling on Lancaster Road and with sufficient evidence the police will be able to take action. The signs will be similar to those you have probably seen in other areas, they will flash up the speed being travelled together with a written warning.

In addition to this, two more lighting columns have been selected for speed devices. No 3, on the edge of the Ship Car Park beside number 7 Main Street, the other on No 10 on Chapel Lane. The previously used lighting column, No 9 on Lancaster Road no longer meets the criteria laid down by the Highways Department of the County Council and the suggested alternative is that of No 8.

If you have any objections to these actions or constructive criticism, please write to the Clerk to The parish Council at the address given above, E mails are also acceptable, before Friday November 3rd 2023, at which time the matter will be progressed.

Yours sincerely

Christine Mashiter

Clerk to The Parish Council

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