Emergency Plan
Emergency Plan

Why do we need a Community Emergency Plan? 

 The Overton Community Emergency (Initial Response) Plan will be implemented in extreme circumstances that might prevent the emergency services from reaching Overton immediately. In such cases the initial response may rely entirely on Overton residents. The plan describes how such an initial response will be co ordinated. 

 It is a “hands on” working document. 

 The plan itself calls for Overton to have five residents as emergency co-ordinators. Having five emergency co-ordinators should mean that Overton has at least one emergency co-ordinator in, or close to, the village at any one time. The emergency co-ordinators will operate the plan. There is also an emergency plan secretary, who will administer the plan. There are village groups who will support the plan. Village residents who would like to assist, are all welcome as team members. 

 It is recognised that in an emergency or difficult situation that the village working together has the best chance of a positive outcome. 

 The plan itself is supported by training and other documentation. The main point of contact / information regarding the plan is the emergency plan secretary, whose contact details are mctague.michael@gmail.com or 07917 181060. 

If vulnerable members of the community or members of the community with special needs would like their address to be held as high priority and in confidence (this information would only be held by the EP Plan Sec & emergency co-ordinators) they should contact the emergency Plan Secretary. 

 Any major emergencies will be dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities, utilities and voluntary agencies in a combined response. This Emergency Plan is not intended to be a substitute for these services and on an emergency situation arising, the first action should always be to contact the emergency services by dialling 999. 

 The plan also covers less onerous circumstances such as flooding, extreme weather, loss of services such as electricity, water, gas or telephone, where the emergency services are not immediately required. For more information and full details of the plan please follow the link below. http://overtonemergencyplan.wixsite.com/overtonemergencyplan

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